2019 Winner David Testa

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Extreme Street N/A

Qualifying, Ladder, and Tree Information

Limited to quickest 16 qualifiers. Sportsman Ladder. .400 Pro Tree

Vehicle/Body Rules

Open to all year, make, and model vehicles. All vehicles must be stock bodied and stock appearing. Aftermarket panels limited to hood.

OEM dash required. Carpet and interior panels forward of package shelf required.

Windows must be factory style safety glass and operational. Lexan windows prohibited. All mirrors for body style claimed required.

Minimum race weight including driver 3350lbs.

Engine & Drivetrain Rules

Must have LT1 based engine (Factory LT1 Block). Cylinder heads must retain the factory 23 degree valve angle and spacing, Trick Flow 21 degree heads permitted (TFS-30400008-M54). Aftermarket heads and converted small block Chevrolet heads will be permitted if they follow the above guidelines.

Stock or stock ported intake manifold required. LT1/4 specific Edlebrock intake manifold permitted. No cutting or welding of intake manifold allowed.

Carburetors allowed only with the use of GM Performance Parts dual plane intake manifold (24502592)

Hydraulic roller camshafts only. Solid lifters prohibited.

Exhaust must exit behind front seats.

Factory PCM required. Engine must have fully functional opti-spark distributor. Stock style aftermarket opti is allowed. LS1 PCM/24X conversion allowed with a 200lbs weight penalty (opti-spark not required with 24x conversion). Aftermarket EFI PCMs are not allowed.

Two-steps only allowed for manual transmission vehicles.

Gasoline or E85 only

The following transmissions are allowed without weight penalty: 700R4, 4L60, 4L60e, 4L80e and original equipment manual transmission.

Torque converters not permitted with manual transmissions and clutch activated automatic transmissions are prohibited. No trans-brakes allowed.

Any automotive rear axle permitted.

No Power adder or power adder equipment allowed on/in vehicle during competition of this class..

Chassis & Suspension

Vehicles must have stock style suspension for year, make, model claimed.

Solid engine mounts allowed.  Motor plates are prohibited. 

Factory style tubular replacement components allowed.  Rear sway bar must be mounted to rear differential with rubber/poly bushings but may have solid end links.

All brakes must be functional.

Wheels & Tires

Any automotive wheel permitted. Tires have a maximum height of 28” and a maximum tread width of 10.5” for DOT bias-ply and DOT radial tires. Non DOT tires are not permitted.

During competition passes, all vehicles will be required to weigh after each pass. Vehicles under minimum weight will be disqualified.