2016 Winner Josh McCalister

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Street Stock

Qualifying, Ladder, and Tree Information

Limited to quickest 16 qualifiers. Sportsman Ladder. .400 Pro Tree

Vehicle/Body Rules

The body must be stock for the year, make, and model claimed. Aftermarket panels are limited to hood and trunk lid/hatch. No fender well or wheel tub modifications.

OEM dash required. Carpet and interior panels forward of package shelf required. Must have headliner, sun visors, instrument panel, and vents. Radio and HVAC controls may be replaced with delete panel. Two front seats are required and must be securely mounted. Aftermarket seats are allowed. Rear seats may be removed. Windows must be factory style safety glass and operational. Lexan windows are prohibited. All mirrors for body style required.

Engine & Drivetrain Rules

Stock L99, LT1, or LT4 engines only. Engine must be internally stock using stock or stock replacement components. Factory style rebuilds allowed but must retain stock bore and stroke. Internal modifications limited to rocker arms and valve springs. LT4 engines are limited to stock rockers and valve springs. Guide plates allowed if non-self-aligning rocker arms are used. Minimum deck height of .015”. Stock thickness head gaskets required for engine block and heads claimed. OEM hydraulic lifters required. Modified or limited travel lifters are prohibited. All engine internals including, but not limited to, pistons, rods, crank, valves, camshaft, heads, and block must be stock or stock replacement (stock replacement defined as: must be the same size, material, weight, design, and construction as Original Equipment) and correct for the engine claimed. Cylinder heads must retain published stock volumes. Cylinder head modifications are limited to stock valve job. Cylinder head porting and or welding is prohibited. Bolt in solid motor mounts allowed. No motor plates.

Stock intake manifold required. Edelbrock LTx specific intake manifold may be used. Intake may not be modified or ported. The only exception would be modified at the front openings for larger than stock throttle body.

Exhaust system may be replaced with tubular headers and aftermarket exhaust systems. Mufflers are required. Exhaust must exit behind driver seat area. Exhaust cut-outs must remain closed at all times.

Stock LT1 PCM required. Engine must have a fully functional opti-spark distributor. Stock style aftermarket opti-spark distributors allowed. Aftermarket ignition boxes allowed. Two-steps not permitted. Any size fuel injector and throttle body allowed. Pump Gasoline only. No race fuels allowed. All cars must use stock fuel tank. Aftermarket fuel pumps and pressure regulators permitted. OEM alternator must be installed and functional. No mini alternators or “loose belt” allowed. Battery must be of sufficient capacity to start the car at all times.

Any automotive rear axle permitted. Drive shaft must be steel or aluminum only. Automatic transmissions: 700R4 or 4L60e only. Modifications limited to shift kit, pan, cooler, and torque converter only. No trans brakes allowed. Original equipment manual transmission only.

No Power adders or power adder equipment allowed on/in the vehicle.

Chassis, Brakes, Suspension

Front Suspension: Direct replacement aftermarket control arms permitted. Tubular K-member permitted. Stock style drag shocks/struts allowed but must mount in stock location. Sway bar may be removed.

Rear Suspension: Direct replacement rear suspension components allowed. Stock style replacement sway bar allowed. Aftermarket torque arms permitted. Torque arms may be relocated off of the transmission. Stock style drag shocks permitted but must mount in stock location.

Chassis: Tubular bolt in replacement K-member permitted. Sub-frame connectors permitted. OEM style steering required. Power steering may be removed or bypassed.

Brakes must be OEM and functional. OEM brake upgrades allowed (LS1, C5, etc.). Line locks may only be used on front brakes. No aftermarket race brakes allowed. ABS may be removed.

Wheels & Tires

Any automotive wheels permitted. Any DOT legal rear tire that fits within the stock un-altered wheel openings permitted. Tires must not stick out past fender. Front tires must be DOT legal and minimum 4.5” tread width.

Street Equipment

All entries must have functional lights, horn, turn signals, and wipers minimum. Cruise control, fog lights, air conditioning, heat, and radio may be removed.